Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Way we Live Now: Does it matter what you do in private?

London's Mayor has five children
Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has dismissed claims that revelations that he has five children by three different women will affect his mayoral campaign.

[...] "Clearly, I don't think anybody in this city is shocked about what consenting adults do. As long as you don't involve children, animals or vegetables they leave people to get on and live their own life in their own way." Read more

Max Mosley denies Nazi claims in orgy scandal
[...] After three days of lurid headlines and calls for him to resign, Mosley is going on the offensive over a scandal that has shocked Formula One and the boardrooms of the car manufacturers who compete in the sport. Since the story broke on Sunday, he has spent many hours speaking to lawyers, assembling a case against the paper that will centre on invasion of privacy and his belief that he was the victim of a set-up. It appears that Mosley will not deny that he took part in the orgy but will dispute the context in which it occurred.

In a letter to all the members of the FIA that is expected to be published today, Mosley claims that he has been the victim of a “deliberate and calculated personal attack” after what he said was a “covert investigation” of his private life and background. Read more

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