Friday, 4 April 2008

Daily Mail: Balls 'starts witch-hunt against faith schools to please party'

Ed Balls was accused yesterday of undermining faith schools in an attempt to further his Labour career.

The Children's Secretary came under mounting pressure over his "cash for places" allegations this week against top performing state schools.

Mr Balls said dozens of schools - almost all of them Church of England, Roman Catholic or Jewish - are breaking admissions rules and selecting pupils by the back door.

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Jewish school

Rabbi Abraham Pinter of the Yesoday Hatorah Senior Girls School (pictured) believes faith schools are being undermined

Some are charging parents upfront fees running into hundreds of pounds, he said.

But Tories accused him of staging a "witch-hunt" to win over Labour party members hostile to faith schools and bolster his position for a future leadership bid.

The head of a leading Jewish comprehensive said Mr Balls's revelations smacked of victimisation of faith schools and warned that "forces" were attempting to undermine them. Read more
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