Friday, 4 April 2008

Times film review: Funny Games

(Ed: Warning, some people may find even the review disturbing, let alone the film.)

[...] Few would deny the laser-precision of its conceptual logic and the meticulous fashion in which that is executed. And yet, with the possible exception of No Country For Old Men, I can't recall a film in recent times that I have loathed so much, or whose intellectual and artistic rationale I find more wrong-headed.

[...] true artists fashion alternatives. They create new, impossible universes. Now, more than ever, we need a cinema that offers audiences beauty, that believes in ecstasy and rapture as a social catalyst.

It's true Hollywood doesn't do that very often. All the more crucial then for directors as gifted as Haneke to move beyond parasitic critique and single-note invective. All the more crucial that they try love. Read more
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