Friday, 11 April 2008

Virtue Online: UPPER SOUTH CAROLINA: Bishop Demands Decision from Orthodox Parish to Stay or Go

An orthodox Episcopal congregation in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina has been asked to make a decision by its Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Dorsey Henderson, whether to stay or go. They have till the Feast of Pentecost to make up their minds.

Recalling that he was once called the "savior of the Anglican Communion," Bishop Henderson told St. Christopher's of Spartanburg, SC, that it was time to be in a "normal" and "committed" relationship with The Episcopal Church (TEC). St. Christopher's is the only Anglican Network parish in Upper South Carolina. It must decide whether to commit itself to the plan outlined by Henderson or leave.

Henderson, the chair of the Title IV Review Committee, a committee responsible for issuing certifications (Duncan/Schofield/Cox) and presentments (MacBurney), has been busy, in recent days. Many of these deposed have been current and former bishops of the Network of Anglican Dioceses and Parishes, including a deposition against the moderator of the Network, Bishop Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh. Henderson is now going after his one Network parish telling St. Christopher's that it must conform and fully support The Episcopal Church.

"The bishop is no longer counseling members to be patient. He is requesting a decision to be in conformity with TEC," the Rev. Dr. George Naff Gray told VirtueOnline. The 275-member congregation has begun a 40-day discernment process in response to Henderson's request to make a decision by May 11, 2008. St. Christopher's shortened the 40 Days program in order to meet the Bishop's deadline of Pentecost. Read more
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