Thursday, 8 November 2007

Nine Primates echo calls for emergency meeting; Akinola defends incursions

Nine Anglican Primates have echoed a call made last month by the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa for an emergency meeting of all the Anglican Communion's 38 Primates and a postponement of the 2008 Lambeth Conference.

The nine "Global South" Primates issued a communiqué, dated October 30, in which they supported the conclusion of the CAPA communiqué released following its meeting in Mauritius in early October. The CAPA members said that "a change in direction from our current trajectory is urgently needed" because "we want unity but not unity at any expense."

The communiqué from the "Global South" Primates came at the end of an October 21-30 trip to the People's Republic of China where the nine Anglican leaders said they had "an opportunity to meet and reflect on the present situation facing the Anglican Communion and what we have to do to move forward while remaining grounded in the Word of God and preserving its catholicity and apostolicity."

They encouraged the work of the Global South Economic Empowerment Consultation convened by the steering committee of the "Global South" Primates, and urged the group "to continue to develop programs to help our churches to be increasingly self-supporting."

The nine Primates are all members of the Global South Anglican organization, which includes leaders from Anglican provinces mostly located in the southern hemisphere. Read more
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