Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Internet spreads terror in Britain

Mohammed Irfan Raja, an otherwise ordinary Essex lad who was convicted of terrorism offences earlier this year, typifies current fears within the Government about the type of recruit al-Qa’eda is now aiming for – and the methods they’re willing to use
Aged just 17 when arrested by anti-terror police, Raja was still at school and left his parents a note declaring his intention to join a terror training camp.

Recruited by a cell in Bradford, the group planned to travel to Pakistan’s lawless Frontier Province having made arrangements with a fixer to facilitate their passage.

Most alarming about Raja’s case was that the entire process of his radicalisation took place through the internet, where he first met the Bradford cell.

The web is providing a unique opportunity for Jihadist sympathisers in the west to actively engage in real campaigns abroad, without ever leaving their home. Read more
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