Saturday, 1 September 2007

Back to Church Sunday: Words of wisdom from the man who runs Lewis's

[...] Whether a retail emporium or your church, attracting and retaining customers is all about perception and hospitality. No matter how good your message, no matter how beautiful your building, your singing, it is the people your visitors meet that will encourage or dissuade. When I moved into the area six years ago I went to the local church with my family for the first time. Reassured by the sight of some neighbours and others I half recognised, after being shown politely to a pew, I quietly explained the geography and notable points of the 12th century church.

With quarter an hour to go before lift off how do you think I felt, what impact on my 12 and 16 year old daughters when we were told to stop whispering and admonished with the words. “Silence is the proper order when preparing to make obeisance to your God”.

The really excellent choir, a pertinent, thought provoking sermon couldn’t overcome that initial put down and maybe they didn’t need an ex General Synodical representative, ex PCC treasurer, an occasional organist or three highly experienced choristers. Either way they didn’t get a second chance. Read more

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