Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Lesbian priest makes list for Chicago bishop

Though global Anglican leaders have urged the U.S. church to unequivocally exclude gay bishops by next month, an openly lesbian Episcopal priest is among the five nominees for bishop of the Chicago diocese announced Tuesday.

Rev. Tracey Lind, who followed Chicago Bishop William Persell as dean of Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland, is one of three women named as finalists to replace Persell, who plans to resign after his successor is installed. It is the first slate of candidates in the diocese to include women.

"Since the day last winter when I was asked to make myself available to this nominating process, my discernment prayer has been that God would continue to lead me to serve God's new creation in the church," Lind said in a statement. "I believe that accepting this nomination is what God is asking of me, and I will strive to respond to that call faithfully and with grace." Read more

If you want to read a couple of Tracy Lind's sermons, you can do so here, here and here.

There's also this quote from this one: "The unconditional love of God for all of us is the good news of the Gospel. Not, if you are very, very good, God will love you. Not, if you are sorry for not having been very, very good, He will love you. Not, God loves you; now get back in line before She changes Her mind."

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