Friday, 31 August 2007

Boston Globe: Consecration in Kenya widens a religious rift

(Ed: Includes a description of the service.)

[...] The service was attended by archbishops and bishops who claimed to represent a majority of the world's Anglicans, including the primates who serve as spiritual leaders of the Anglican provinces in Central Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, West Africa, the Indian Ocean region, South America, and the West Indies, as well as an archbishop representing the primate of Nigeria and bishops representing minority conservative factions in the Anglican provinces of Canada, England and the United States. Of the 78 million adherents worldwide cited by the Anglican Communion, about two million live in the United States; in Kenya, a nation about one-tenth the size, there are about three million Anglicans.

Advocates for gay rights in the Anglican Communion reacted angrily to yesterday's consecration. Read more
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