Friday, 3 August 2007

This is the way the Church will end (part deux)

Based at The Cresset, in Bretton, The Church of the Holy Spirit has been shared by Church of England and Roman Catholic congregations since 1977.

Each church currently pays an annual £9,000 service charge to The Cresset management.

However, the Catholic congregation has revealed it intends to move to St Oswald's Church, in Lincoln Road, from November 30.

It means the Church of England congregation will have to stump up the entire £18,000 bill for the year or find alternative accommodation.

The news has come as a bitter blow to the small, but tight-knit community who worship at The Church of the Holy Spirit.

To add insult to injury, church vicar The Rev Peter Hawkins, is to retire on September 2, and there is no assurance he will be replaced.

Nick Sandford, a member of Holy Spirit's parochial church council, vowed the church would carry on, but admitted it was likely to be in a different form. Read more

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