Wednesday, 1 August 2007

ABp Gomez warns against Conservative boycott of Lambeth

[...] The Archbishop asserted that 2007 and 2008 will mark "the turning point in Anglicanism," not least because of Lambeth '08, which, as noted, is already in question, not only because of conservative objections to the inclusion of pro-gay bishops, but to Dr. Williams' move to downgrade the Conference into what the Global South Steering Committee recently called an expensive episcopal jamboree packaged as a "prelatical training course." Gomez said the Global South's question is, "How can you have the designated leaders of the Communion meeting in one place and refusing to address the issue that is tearing the Communion apart, that is preventing Anglicanism from moving forward?"

If the bishops of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA), which represents 12 African provinces, skip Lambeth, Gomez said, over half the bishops would be missing. A boycott by the Nigerian province alone would mean a shortage of over 120 bishops, enough to make a "big difference," he added. Such significant absences would mean that, unlike Lambeth Conferences of the past, "whatever decisions are made (in '08) will not necessarily be representative of the thinking of the Communion."

Saying his province believes that it is "better to be at the table," Gomez said: "My fear is that, if traditional people don't turn up (at Lambeth), the liberals in the Communion will change Anglicanism and will do so without blinking an eyelid." Read more

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