Saturday, 23 June 2007

Uganda Elects Bishop for Congregations in U.S.

Realignment of North American Anglicanism continues to gain momentum as the Province of Uganda announced today that they have elected the Rev. John Guernsey to serve as bishop for their 26 congregations in the United States.

Bishop-elect Guernsey is the dean of the Anglican Communion Network’s Mid-Atlantic Convocation. He will continue in that role, as well as rector of All Saints’ Church in Woodbridge, VA, even as he takes on new duties for the Anglican Province of Uganda. He joins Bishop Bill Cox of the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone and Bishop-elect Bill Atwood of the Anglican Province of Kenya as another domestic bishop cooperating in ministry with the Network. The Network has strong links with many international congregations under overseas jurisdiction through its International Conference. It also works to bring together orthodox Anglicans of many jurisdictions through the Common Cause Partnership. The first-ever Common Cause Council of Bishops is scheduled for September 25 – 28. Read more

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