Monday, 18 June 2007

How 'institutional guilt' shoots us in the foot

Ed: This is how the nuanced reporting of an internal report criticising the Church of England for being 'institutionally racist' got presented in Iran. One wonders at (a) the satisfaction caused to Islamic leaders and (b) the embarassment caused to Iranian Christians. Go to the front page if you want to see what this stands alongside.

Black and Asian clergy members are unlikely to reach high office in the Church of England and minorities are marginalized in parish churches.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, little has been done to confront "institutional racism".

The newspaper quoted Rev. Rose Hudson-Wilkin, chair of the committee that produced the report, as saying "Whether consciously or unconsciously, they are not encouraging black people who are in their churches to come forward."

The report shows there are some who are aware of the issue and acting to improve the situation, but the church is still a long way from reaching an acceptable level of equality. Read here

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I've had to moderate a comment sent on this post. It was quite amusing, but a little too 'ad hominem' about the report. If the poster would like to try again ...