Friday, 22 June 2007

President of the Episcopal Church's House or Deputies discusses Episcopal Church's response to Windsor Report with Canadian General Synod

[...] During both question-and-answer sessions, Anderson was asked about reports that the Episcopal Church is "falling apart." She told both groups that a small number of dioceses have members who are upset with the Church's decisions, but that each of those dioceses include "faithful Episcopalians" and "we're making every effort to attend to their pastoral needs."

The vast majority of Episcopal Church dioceses, Anderson said, "are moving forward in mission with great enthusiasm" and Episcopalians at all levels of the Church are engaged in mission with Anglican Communion partners, especially through the work of Episcopal Relief and Development.

"Many people were relieved to hear that because the questions were asked out of deep concern," Anderson said after the sessions.

Earlier in the day June 20, Anderson preached at noonday prayer held in the Synod's plenary hall. Preaching on Mark 2:15-17, Anderson reminded worshippers that Jesus dined with outcasts and sinners while the Pharisees, "the self-proclaimed powerful," wanted to define who was holy.

"Let us ask Jesus to help us break down the barriers of exclusion and self-important power that keep us apart from Him and each other," she said.

Echoing the Synod's theme of "Draw the Circle Wide. Draw it Wider Still!" Anderson concluded, "Let us ask Jesus to help us turn the pyramid of power into a powerful circle of reconciliation, healing and inclusion." Read more

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