Friday, 1 June 2007

Richard Turnbull responds in the Guardian to Giles Fraser

[...] I know of no homophobia or misogyny at Wycliffe. If there is any evidence then it must be produced. For Giles to say that I believe 95% of people will "burn in hell" is a misrepresentation when the rest of my sentence, "unless the message of the gospel is brought to them", is excluded. Nor does my deputy believe it's "wrong for women to teach men". He believes, as I do, that in our college women can and should teach and preach. There are various views on practices in local churches.

Completeness is important. We do not control the admissions policy to university courses. If the complaint is of intellectual engagement with complex matters on which Christians may disagree then the plea is guilty. Read more

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Ifan said...


I just had a look at the Guardian site with the whole item and posted comments.

My, My! Such angry people.

How is it that some Guardian readers get so angry about matters they say are of no relevance to them?

Ifan Morgan