Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Official guidance for churches' no-smoking signage

In a world gone mad, there's always one more bit of madness. Download it here.

"It will be up to each church body (eg, select vestry/parochial church council) to choose the most appropriate place in the building for the sign, as long as the sign is prominently displayed. It is not necessary for it to be permanently fixed to the fabric of the building. It may be that the sign could be displayed within a porch at the front of the church or on a notice board which is near the main entrance. If you have any questions about the new law (for example, you are unsure about where a sign should be positioned), we recommend you consult your environmental health officer at your local council (who will be responsible for compliance) for further information. Their role will be to help you – it is not the intention of enforcement authorities to approach churches in a punitive way."

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