Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Giles Fraser 'goes postal' over Wycliffe Hall

Ed: 'Going postal' is an American English slang term, used as a verb meaning to suddenly become extremely and uncontrollably angry, possibly to the point of violence. (Wikipedia)

[...] what should really happen is that the bishops of the Church of England stop using colleges like this to train its priests. Places such as Wycliffe are turning Anglicanism into a cult. But it's a symptom of how bad things are in the C of E, and how frightened its bishops have become of the financial muscle of conservative evangelicals, that they won't find the gumption to cut Wycliffe adrift.

But clearly they should. For Anglicanism is fast becoming the nasty party at prayer, with traditionally inclusive theology being submerged by a bargain-basement prejudice that damns to hell all those who disagree. This isn't faith, it's fanaticism. And the University of Oxford should not be supporting its work. Read more


Anonymous said...

Mr Fraser exemplifies a common attitude among so-called liberals (actually illiberals). Faced with traditional beliefs he doesn't like, rather than debate his opponents respectfully, he caricatures his opponents and calls for their censorship and expulsion - and this from the leader of 'Inclusive Church'!
How sad that a professed Christian should slander other Christians.

Blair said...

Hello John and anonymous,
I agree that Giles Fraser is often aggressive and caricaturing in debate - and I know minor corrections are tedious, but he isn't "the leader" of Inclusive Church. That's Giles Goddard. Gies Fraser is an elected committee member of Inclusive Church (see their website), but no more than that.