Tuesday, 6 March 2007

There's only one sexual orientation

According to those advising the UK government on its proposed ‘Sexual Orientation Regulations’, there are a variety of sexual orientations (Joint Committee on Human Rights, Legislative Scrutiny: Sexual Orientation Regulations, 2007, p15, para 44), which are an inherent characteristic of human beings, comparable to race or gender. This, moreover, must be regarded as the objective basis of moral teaching (contra the advice on religious education on p25).

What this advice overlooks, however, is that there is really only one sexual orientation as such, and that is the one which produces offspring via the process of sexual reproduction. This is as true for toadstools as it is for human beings, and is not a matter of personal or religious belief, but an objective fact. Read more

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Anonymous said...

As a paraphrase of what I have said elsewhere Normal is Normal. Sorry if that is a problem it is however a fact.