Monday, 5 March 2007

George Carey for Primatial Vicar?

Ed: This is apparently lifted from the Church of England Newspaper. The article is interesting, though sadly Stephen Bates only has an inkwell of poison when he writes about evangelicals.

[...] Clearly, whoever it is will have an enormous task on his hands (I presume it will be a he, since some of the dioceses wouldn’t accept him if he wasn’t). It is a job that will call for enormous energy and charm, deep reservoirs of tact and discernment, astute diplomacy, collegiality, a powerful intellect and the ability to reach out to those who disagree with him.

There seemed only one candidate who could amply fulfil all these requirements – and, remember, there were Americans present. Step forward, we decided, the Most Reverend and Right Honourable George Leonard Carey, late of this parish. Read more

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