Tuesday, 6 March 2007

CofE must leave Communion to remain 'Church of the Nation'

[...] The Church of England's attempt to reinvent itself as an international communion has failed. It has led not to the renewal of Anglicanism in Britain, but to a whole new level of failure; indeed dramatic collapse looks likely. The illusion that Anglicanism has become essentially international has distracted English bishops from their primary duty: to minister to the nation. For centuries, the church knew that it existed to serve the particular religious needs of the English people. It knew that this people combined liberalism with respect for tradition, and for Christianity. If the needs of the nation had been put before the ideology of international Anglicanism, the Church of England would not have been thrown by the issue of homosexuality. It would be pursuing a gently reforming course. By getting ideas above its station, and trying to rival Rome's internationalism, the Church of England has undone itself. Read more

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