Monday, 22 March 2010

(From 2004): Stephen Cottrell "My mind is not made up"

Canon Stephen Cottrell, 45, Pastor at Peterborough Cathedral, who was named by Downing Street yesterday, is married, with three children. He is a liberal Anglo-Catholic, and no less radical in his beliefs than Dr John.

An adherent of church policy on homosexuality, Canon Cottrell said: “My personal view has been one that has been open to what God is trying to say to us through the experience of gay and lesbian people. I feel this is an open question. My mind is not made up.”

Canon Cottrell said he had supported the choice of Dr John for Reading when it was announced last year. This, he said, was because Dr John also backed the official line and as a celibate homosexual was not himself in breach of church policy. Read more
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