Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Atheists and believers walkout ends Government advisory group on religion

The Government’s main advisory group on religion has collapsed in acrimony after church groups walked out in a row between atheists and believers.

The Church of England condemned the group as “not fit for purpose” and complained that each meeting degenerated into an “impasse” between secularists and the religious. Secularists hit back, accusing Christians of “triumphalism and bullying”. Muslims had already stopped attending the group, whose remaining few members are meeting tomorrow to decide whether it is worth carrying on at all.

Hindus, Baha’is and secularists are still represented but the Church of England, Salvation Army, Methodist Church and Roman Catholic Church have all left, jeopardising its future. Read more
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Richard Brown said...

You wonder why it is the atheists on on this group at all, or indeed how many people they represent when they are there. Does anyone at Government level actually know what this group is for?