Monday, 14 September 2009

Call for BNP public sector ban

Union leaders have called for a ban on BNP members working in public services and called for a huge campaign to counter the threat of fascism. Skip related content

The TUC Congress said urgent talks should be held with the Government about extending the current ban on BNP members working in the police and Prison Service.

BNP membership was "incompatible" with jobs in teaching, the NHS and other parts of the public sector, said the TUC.

Delegates at the TUC Congress in Liverpool lined up to attack the BNP before holding a silent vigil outside the conference centre to press home their message.

Janice Godrich, of the Public and Commercial Services union, said the election of two BNP MEPs and local councillors was partly explained by a "collapse" in votes for Labour. "It is not acceptable that you can be a fascist at weekends, yet work between Monday and Friday accessing confidential information of members of the public." Read more
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David said...

This is nonsense. Belonging to a political party cannot affect your opportunity of employment in a free society. Should we ban all communist or former communists from public employment? How many workplaces would then be short of a shop steward, I wonder. The test must be how they perform their duties. Now being unpleasant to fellow staff members, discriminating against customers, preaching racism in class etc. are all good reasons for dismissal as are anti-social activities outside the workplace.


West Yorkshire

Anonymous said...

The total opposition to democracy, and the shameless proscription of any but their own views, is totally transparent in these ideas and moves. Why not ban any member of any political party from education, etc. - now that would be a useful thing to do. They reveal (by advicating such things) that they are the real fascists.