Friday, 18 September 2009

Boy, 12, is having sex change school annouces

The youngster arrived for his first term at secondary school wearing a dress and with long hair in ribboned pigtails after his parents changed his name to a female one by deed poll over the summer holidays.

However, the boy, who is preparing to undergo hormone treatment and sex change surgery, was immediately taunted by classmates who recognised him from primary school.

As a result, the 1,000-pupil school in south east England decided to call an emergency assembly ordering children to treat him as a girl and use his new name.

But parents have reacted angrily after some youngsters were apparently left in tears by the news. They claim that the head teacher should have informed parents of the matter beforehand, so that they could have discussed gender issues with their children.

One mother, whose daughter was a classmate of the boy at primary school, told The Sun: "She [my daughter] told me that the pupil is already a target for bullying. Read more
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