Thursday, 26 March 2009

Religious tensions rising at universities

FAITH IS becoming increasingly polarized on university campuses according to both Christians and secularists. Students are becoming more animated about defending their individual world view rather than fighting Labour’s university fees or other hot issues. Speaking to the Church of England Newspaper, both UCCF and the British Humanist Society (BHA) admitted that the atmosphere in university had changed in recent years.

Pod Bhogul, press officer for UCCF said that the trend reflected the polarisation demonstrated in culture as a whole. He said: “Christian Unions exist to give every student in Great Britain an opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ whilst they’re at university.

Universities are, of course, a market-place of ideas where different views can be shared, providing a healthy context for dialogue, debate and discussion.”
He went on to say: “The expression of strongly held views, be they secular or spiritual, can only be a good thing for Christian Unions seeking to engage with these worldviews in a way that is meaningful, loving and honouring to the gospel.” Read more by subscribing to the Church of England Newspaper
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