Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Church has only itself to blame for ignorance of Christianity, says cleric

Churches only have themselves to blame for widespread ignorance of Christianity, according to The Very Rev Adrian Newman, the Dean of Rochester.

Mr Newman said the Church of England had just assumed that people would "absorb" knowledge of its traditions and teachings because it is the state religion.

But he said that the culture of the country has changed in recent decades and become more secular, with the result that young people are growing up without any understanding of Christianity.

This means that many of them have no idea that Easter is an important festival commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and not just an opportunity to enjoy a Bank Holiday or eat chocolate eggs.

Writing in the latest issue of Rochester Link, the diocese magazine, Mr Newman said: "As our culture has become distanced from our Christian roots, the meaning of Easter has somehow got lost in translation.

"These days, when people encounter the great Christian traditions, it's like they are stepping into a foreign country where the language and the customs are unfamiliar and odd."

He went on: "We in the churches have only ourselves to blame for this state of affairs. Read more
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