Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Woman, 80, warned she faces prosecution for feeding birds in her garden

Ed: Makes me proud to be British.

Mrs Coton, who has been putting food out for the bluetits, starlings and sparrows in her garden for 20 years, was warned that she could face legal action from her local council if she does not desist from feeding the "feral" birds.

Officials said that a neighbour had complained that her "overfeeding" had led to large groups of birds congregating on the street creating "environmental" problems and damaging property.

Coventry City Council said it was considering serving an abatement notice - similar to orders given to neighbours who play loud music late at night - to curtail her bird feeding. If she fails to comply she could be prosecuted.

But the RSPB questioned whether birds could damage buildings and said it was "vital" to feed garden birds at this time of year when food is scare, particularly in light of a marked decline in numbers.

Mrs Coton, a great-grandmother, who lives in Coventry, received the letter last week after returning home from a spell in hospital. Read more

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