Monday, 20 October 2008

British aid worker shot dead in Afghanistan "for preaching Christianity"

A woman working for a UK-registered charity has been shot dead near Kabul University in the Afghan capital.

The woman, Gayle Williams, was a UK and South African national. She was killed by two men on a motorbike, witnesses told the BBC.

She was working for a Christian charity called Serve Afghanistan.

The Taleban are reported to have said they carried out the attack because they said her organisation was preaching Christianity. Read more

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Anonymous said...

Considering that when christians arrive in an area to preach its we have aid only to those that accept jesus and the rest of you people that dont starve. She deserved it just like the rest of them. Im part cherokee indian and those bastards marched members of my tribe across america, the trail of tears, because they would not convert. Its about time christians become targets for all the millions they have killed. KIlling for jesus across the world needs to be revenged. Eye for an eye.