Saturday, 17 May 2008

Plans and an appeal for the LGBT campaign at Lambeth

(Ed: Note the high level of involvement of Changing Attitude, patrons of which in the UK include the Lord Bishop of Chelmsford, the Rt Revd John Gladwin. Hmm, is that coffee I can smell?)

[...] Integrity is working with two coalitions to have a unified, effective presence at the Lambeth Conference. Within the Episcopal Church we are working the Chicago Consultation—which is composed of some 50 inclusion activism leaders—gay and straight; bishops, clergy, and laity. Within the Anglican Communion, we are working with the St. Anne's Network—which consists of about a dozen LGBT organizations from around the globe—including Integrity Canada, Integrity Uganda, Changing Attitude UK, and Changing Attitude Nigeria.

As part of these coalitions, Integrity will be…

* Staffing a "Marketplace" exhibit booth
* Attending all press events, networking with journalists, and share our perspective.
* Writing, producing, and distributing a daily newspaper with feature articles, news briefings, and human interest stories.
* Providing information to our members back home via blogs, e-mail lists, and YouTube video clips.
* Operating a "communication centre" with Internet- linked computers, a printer, and a photocopier.
* Communicating with and assisting LGBT-friendly bishops– helping them network with each other, providing them with information as needed, and facilitating strategy meetings.
* Organizing and staffing "fringe" events—movies, plays, and art exhibits—in the evenings.
* Hosting an "Inclusive Communion" mass.

With your help, Integrity will be at the Lambeth Conference and make a real difference there. We will bring the Good News of lives transformed and hearts healed by the power of God's inclusive love. We will witness to the true spirit of traditional Anglicanism and call our Anglican Communion family to claim the power of its history as we move forward in faith together into God's future.
A Request

Integrity needs your financial support if we are to witness on your behalf at Canterbury. Every contribution will make a difference—not just this summer but next summer and for years to come. Read more
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