Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Hamilton Spectator: A house divided

It was an awkward Sunday.

Church members divided, sharing the same building.

One service run by a priest from the national church body, the other by the church's pastor.

Kay Mighton attended the first service at St. George's Anglican in Lowville on February 24 and thought it was "beautiful." A priest from the Niagara diocese presided.

But leaving was uncomfortable.

"About 24 sets of eyes were watching every move we made," Mighton, 75, recalls.

Waiting to enter were parishioners who had voted to leave the national Anglican church and join a growing breakaway group, claiming the mother church had grown too liberal.

The shared Sunday was the result of an agreement made by both sides after the split.

But it wouldn't happen again.

They found themselves in court shortly after, seeking an interim ruling about who got the building on Sundays until they could determine ownership.

Last week's ruling requires both sides at St. George's and two other churches to share the buildings. The breakaway factions announced Monday they would appeal the decision. Read more
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