Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Daily Telegraph: Abortion vote: A shameful night for MPs

So infanticide remains on the statute book, then. I’m sorry if that strikes you as offensive language, but I think it’s a perfectly reasonable description of the killing of babies that stand a chance of surviving outside the womb.

Last night’s House of Commons vote against any reduction in the upper time limit for abortions was really shameful. Over 300 MPs want the state to retain the right to kill 22-week-old foetuses, who can feel pain as they are gruesomely “terminated”.

Public opinion has shifted significantly on this question – but politicians, especially Labour ones, are not swayed by stories of babies who carry on living (albeit briefly) after botched abortions.

I’m not advancing a specifically Catholic argument here. I’m saying that the public recognises a commonsense distinction between abortion and infanticide, that the boundary between the two has clearly moved back beyond 24 weeks, and that the House of Commons made a gravely immoral decision by voting to keep the law as it stands. Read more

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