Friday, 17 August 2007

Wycliffe Hall tops Oxford Permanent Private Halls table

A 'League Table' for Oxford's Permanent Private Halls shows that Wycliffe came top in undergraduate degree classifications last year, despite criticisms of academic standards aired in the secular and church press.

Meanwhile, Wycliffe has issued a press statement responding to a recent article in the Guardian. It begins,

The Guardian’s news article (11th August 2007) concerning Wycliffe Hall contains material inaccuracy. The report both distorts the University of Oxford’s Review of Permanent Private Halls (PPHs) and repeats previously unsubstantiated material derived from anonymous documents circulated to the media. It attributes comments to the Principal he simply did not say.

The Press Office of the University has issued a statement which states that, “the article implies that a report about PPHs generally is directed specifically at Wycliffe Hall. This is incorrect.”

The excellence of the academic standards at Wycliffe Hall are amply demonstrated by the first place achieved by the Hall in the 2007 Norrington Tables for PPHs, results which when compared to the other colleges, gave Wycliffe a higher score than several well known names such as Corpus Christi, Oriel, Exeter, St Hugh’s and St Catherine’s.

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