Friday, 17 August 2007

Adelaide Dean: Spong is a reductionist who only pulls things apart

The Anglican Dean, Dr. Steven Ogden, from St Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide said that although Bishop John Spong was not ban from visiting Anglican churches in Adelaide, but nevertheless he was a ‘reductionist’ who pulled things apart but do not help people restore the pieces back together.

Bishop Spong, an American Episcopalian retired-bishop who is a supporter of female and gay priests, has attracted controversy in his trip to Australia to promote his latest book, entitled ‘Jesus for the Non-Religious.’
Talking to the Advertiser, a newspaper publication, Dean Ogden went further and said that Bishop Spong’s theories were not new and was a repeat of an 18th century religious scholar’s thinking.

"Spong is a reductionist, who pulls things to bits, but he doesn't help people put it back together again," he said. “… Spong's theories were ‘not new’. Eighteenth century religious scholar Reimarus said 200 years ago there was no such thing as miracles and no such thing as the resurrection.” Read more

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