Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Whatever happened to the 'Panel of Reference'?

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Ed: Remember how after the Dromantine Primates' meeting, way back in 2005, a Panel of Reference was set up to look at those situations across the Anglican Communion where there was serious conflict? Whatever happened to it, I hear you asking, given that the conflict is as bad as ever (worse, in the eyes of some)? The answer is, it has met and it has reported. But if it is to do its work effectively, it needs to be bigger and have more funding:

[...] Even so, it is clear that the Panel could do with far greater resourcing if it is to develop and improve its work. References are time-consuming and complicated; the members are scattered across different time-zones, and the parties often highly committed to their own wide-ranging responsibilities. The situations which have to be addressed are often politicised and subject to the attention of the media. In all these circumstances, I believe that the Panel has been faithful in discharging the duties assigned to it, in spite of criticism which is often based on a misapprehension of its purpose, or a lack of comprehension about both the situations it addresses and the constraints under which it works. [...]

Read the other five pages here.

For an update on the Panel of Reference (September 2007) go here.

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