Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The other man running the Anglican Communion

Ed: And you don't get to elect him, either.

[...] Canon Kearon explained that “at the heart” of Anglicanism, “authority lies in the dioceses and parishes, not at the top.” That is where the “life of the church is and where mission and ministry happen.”

What holds the Communion together is the “figure of the Archbishop of Canterbury” as Anglicans across the globe are “not in communion with one another but with him.”

“Bishops go to Lambeth,” the “primates go to the primates’ meeting,” the provinces elect members to the ACC, he explained, and “I am the secretary general of all of that,” under the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury. “I arrange the meetings, set the agenda, and carry out their decisions.”

It was “nonsense” to suggest there was any friction between him and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Canon Kearon said. A spokesman for Archbishop Rowan Williams noted Canon Kearon “has the archbishop’s support, as the work done at the primates’ meeting in Tanzania showed.” Read more

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