Thursday, 3 May 2007

'Surrendered Wife' documentary for Channel 5

(Ed Update: I have now blogged at some length on this, over on the Ugley Vicar blogspot.)

[...] The story of how this sharp-tongued working wife and mother from Leeds agreed to relinquish all control to her husband - swopping furious rows for sweet acquiescence in a bid to win back his affections - is the subject of a new Channel Five documentary, Obedient Wives.

The idea of the surrendered wife comes from a book by American Laura Doyle - a former marketing copywriter whose opinions make Ma Walton look like a feminist activist.

It has spawned a whole Surrendered Wives movement which goes far beyond the wildest dreams of your average Stepford Wife. Devotees agree to relinquish all control of their husband's life, allowing him to make all the decisions, never saying 'no' to sex, and finally learning to change themselves and not their men.

The idea is that men can't change - so women are the ones who need a radical re-think in order to preserve romance in marriages. Read more

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Frustrated East Cheam said...

The only thing achieved by the expansion of opportunities for women to work was the exponential rise in house prices.