Wednesday, 23 May 2007

More Liberal comment on Richard Turnbull

Hat tip to Thinking Anglicans, whose website contains this link to the 2006 Reform conference speech by Richard Turnbull. You can hear Richard for yourself and read here what the Liberal reaction is.

Open Evangelical fulimination continues here.

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Dave Williams said...

I'd spoken before in ignorance of Richard -merely wishing to defend a principle.

Having heard the speech -I really do like this guy and pray for a few more like him!

Hurray for someone who is prepared to state the obvious -if we want good pastors we will have to train them properly and that means

1. Training them at colleges where the Bible is beleived and taught effectively rather than doubted and margianalised

2. Funding those colleges well

Hurray for a man who realises that the priority of the church is not scrapping with the 5-10% who attend church and profess some faith (nb -those who nit picking about who the 5% includes miss the point of a rhetorical statement) and rather evangelising the 95% ish who have not yet responded to the gospel.

Anyone who genuinely loves God, loves his word and has a concern for the lost will be saying amen.