Monday, 2 April 2007

Freedom belongs to the self-governing

[...] Freedom and personal liberty belongs to only those willing to govern themselves. Our prisons are overflowing with immoral people unable to govern themselves. We can not build and maintain enough prisons to hold all those who will refuse moral self-governance once morality is gone from society.

It has nothing to do with evangelical Christian television preachers in the White House or any so-called extreme religious right-wing conspiracy. It has to do with mans ability to self-govern, which requires a moral code of conduct to be established and imposed upon himself, by choice. When not enough men make this choice, other men will fill that void and rule over them by man made law.

America was designed to forever be a moral people willing and able to govern themselves through the moral tenants taught in every Judeo-Christian church, once taught in every public school house.

Morality and self-governance are inseparable. If ever fully separated, both will cease to exist… and America will become just another third world nation ruled by anarchy and governed by survival of the fittest and most evil. Read more

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