Tuesday, 3 April 2007

19% of gay men in survey had sexual experience before aged 12

In July 2006, Advocate.com, "the award-winning LGBT newsite", published the results of an online survey of readers' "current sex lives". In their own words, "The results reveal some surprisingly conservative values."

This is a meaning of the word "conservative" with which most Anglican Mainstream readers will be unfamiliar. Amongst other things, the survey revealed that for male respondents:

  • Of those in a relationship, only 39% were completely monogamous. 12% had other partners by mutual agreement, whilst 18% admitted they had "cheated".
  • 23% had had more than 100 same-sex partners, of whom 46% had had more than 300 partners, yet ...
  • ... 34% had had 2 or more female sexual partners. 8% had had more than 6!
  • Only 47% said they "always" practised safer sex, whilst 61% had had sex with two or more other people on occasion.
  • 40% had had their first same-sex sexual experience before the age of 14, and of these 46% had that experience before the age of 12.
For the complete results, go here.

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