Thursday, 29 April 2010

Church warned that flag of Jesus is 'religious advertising'

Rev Mark Binney, vicar of St Andrew’s Church, Hampton, Worcs, said he had been told he needed planning permission if he wanted to fly a flag “advertising Christianity” in future.

The flag was put up outside the church in the week preceding Easter Sunday displaying the words 'This is Holy Week' and an image of Jesus on the cross.

Mr Binney said the warning was “appalling”, and he felt it was part of a gradual erosion of Christianity in Britain.

Wychavon council said it investigated a complaint from a member of the public and decided no consent was required. Read More No comments will be posted without a full name and location, see the policy.


Revd John P Richardson said...

I disagree entirely that this is "part of a gradual erosion of Christianity in Britain".

I think, far more serious than that, it is the erosion of liberty and common sense.

Richard Wood said...

From my understanding by Law you are not allowed to fly any flag other than the Union Flag, and the Flags of England, Scotland and Wales, without planning permission. I remember that there was a similar incident over a child's pirate themed birthday party, where the 'Jolly Rodger' was flown. The local council objected, my recollection was because they needed planning permission to any other flag.

It seems that they are being consistant. Though some what officious and lacking any form of common sense.

Richard Wood
East London