Monday, 25 January 2010

It’s as if they want me executed, says culture chief enduring hate campaign

The letters and emails come in a daily tide. “Filth!” they cry. “Shame on you”; “You are a very sick person”; “The soul that sinneth shall DIE”. For the past six months, the head of Glasgow’s museums and art has been under siege from Christian fundamentalists, who have vowed to oust her from her job.

Dr Bridget McConnell, head of Culture and Sport Glasgow (CSG), the £100 million charity in charge of the city’s culture, says she is alarmed by what she describes as a “personal witchhunt” against her.

“It is almost like being phsyically abused,” she said. “You get knocked down by it every day and you pick yourself up, but then you come in the next morning and it happens all over again. It’s attrition.”

Since July, when a row broke out over an art exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) featuring homosexuality and religion in which comments were written on a Bible, Dr McConnell — whose organisation funded the exhibition — has been targeted by an organised group of protesters. Read more
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Anonymous said...

Bridget McConnell claims that she has received hate mail from Christians; I suppose it comes down to how she defines a Christian, or what the letters she received actually said. At the moment we only have her interpretation of the said letters. Quoting Scripture that says that the wicked will go to hell, is not a threat, it’s a fact. But Bridget being an unregenerate person fails to understand this. Besides, there are nominal Christians out there protesting as well as the genuine article, so how does Bridget distinguish between the letters she gets from both party’s. I would be very surprised if she got a threatening letter from a genuine Christian.

Anonymous said...
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