Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Hans Kung: The Vatican thirst for power divides Christianity and damages Catholicism

After Pope Benedict XVI's offences against the Jews and the Muslims, Protestants and reform-oriented Catholics, it is now the turn of the Anglican communion, which encompasses some 77 million members and is the third largest Christian confession after the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox churches. Having brought back the extreme anti-reformist faction of the Pius X fraternity into the fold, Pope Benedict now hopes to fill up the dwindling ranks of the Catholic church with Anglicans sympathetic to Rome. Their conversion to the Catholic church is supposed to be made easier: Anglican priests and bishops shall be allowed to retain their standing, even when married. Traditionalists of the churches, unite! Under the cupola of St Peter's! The Fisher of Men is angling in waters of the extreme religious right. Read more
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Anonymous said...

The so-called Christians on the left are pagans, not Christians. The pope is taking a stand for orthodoxy against the heretics of the neo-pagan left.

Robert said...

It is my hope that Anglicans from across the Western world will, like their co-religionists in the "Global South," reject the Vatican's faustian offer and seek to reinvigorate their church from within. Benedict wants nothing more than to make Rome the "center of communion" for all Christian denominations. He wants, without doubt, the subjugation of the entire world for Rome.

Check out my blog when you get a chance ( try to watch these things and provide open source info on the Vatican's latest power moves.

Anyway, love the page.