Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Same sex adoption: our new life as Dad and Daddy

The day our lives changed for ever was the day we first met our son. It was like a blind date, but with social workers playing the role of matchmaker. They had read the reports, they had met us and we’d agreed: we could be perfect for each other.

But you can never predict the outcome of a blind date. And it’s the same with adoption. For the child’s sake, you are not introduced until it’s all been set in stone. On that cold January morning, as we walked up the foster carer’s garden path, our only certainty was that nothing would be the same again.

When Sally opened her front door, I caught a glimpse of Scott behind her. He ran into her living room. As we followed him in, I got my first proper look at him, and he was every bit as gorgeous and wonderful as he’d appeared on the photos and video they’d given us.

“Who’s this?” Sally asked Scott, as he looked us up and down with a shy smile. Just short of his third birthday, his fosterers had prepared him for meeting his two new dads with the help of a book of photos and a DVD that we’d put together.

We don’t know what the first word he ever spoke was, but the first words I ever heard him speak were our names. “Philip and Michael,” he said. Who can be certain, but he seemed to understand who we were. We came away from that first two-hour encounter elated. He had been affectionate and adorable. In my gut, I felt that the blind date would work out. Read more
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