Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Why men are to blame for the crunch

But then who was the first person to explain the Credit Crunch to me and say why it was all going to go wrong? Yup, a man (and a financier to boot). And what is the Women and Work commission's motivation for getting women into 'top jobs'? Yep, so they can get paid as much as men.

I routinely characterise the credit crunch as "men behaving badly" - because it's almost impossible to find a woman to blame.

The reckless chief executives of banks who went on a borrowing and lending binge: all men.

SuitedThe financial engineers who packaged up poisonous subprime debt and mis-sold it as AAA solid gold: they were long of Y chromosomes.

The central bankers and regulators who slept while the dangerous financial party was in full swing: blokes.

The finance ministers who didn't want to recognise that the surge in house prices was perilous, for fear of alienating voters: yup, it's my gender again. Read more
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