Saturday, 4 April 2009

Order of Service for Jade Goody's funeral

Courtesy of the BBC here, though sadly (typically?) they report nothing of what Corinne Brixton said in their coverage of the funeral here.

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Deirdre McGuirk said...

Just to let you know that as someone who has taken an interest in Jade, and a bigger interest in Jesus (!), I was so moved by Corinne's words, that I stopped my recording every 10 seconds, wrote it all down longhand, and then typed the speech out to send to some friends.

It was wonderful.

Revd John P Richardson said...

Any chance of this? I'd love to publish it if Corinne was willing.

John Richardson (editor)

Richard Brown said...

Far be it from me to detract from Chelmsford's reflected glory in this issue, but Jade had only recently attained to the dizzy heights of Buckhurst Hill, having spent far more of her life in Southwark diocese.

Thus the funeral procession started less than a stone's throw from the Rotherhithe tunnel, passed Southwark Park, paused at the Blue Anchor shops to remember Jade's early life, stopped at St James, Bermondsey, thence to Tower Bridge, and finally non-stop to deepest commuter Essex. South of the river they have longer memories.