Monday, 27 April 2009

GAYS CAN CHANGE. REPARATIVE THERAPY WORKS, An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi

Ed: Reading this interview with Dr Joseph Nicolosi, I couldn't help being reminded of the lyrics from Elton John's Made in England

I was made in England
Out of Cadillac muscle
I had a quit-me father
I had a love-me mother


I was made in England
Out of Cadillac muscle
Face down on a playground
Crying God send me a brother

John is, of course, famously gay.

[...] I spoke at length with Dr. Nicolosi about the issues and problems he faces.

VOL: What is the central social issue?

Nicolosi: It is quite amazing how to be gay and/or pro gay is to be anti-intellectual. Intellectually, it implies an enquiring mind as to causation and the unspoken taboo is never to ask why a person is homosexual. A true intellectual inquiry always addresses causation. Once you ask why, you open it up to causation. It is amazing to me as a psychologist how my profession will spend thousands of hours and dollars asking the most minute mundane and petty questions and never ask why is this person Homosexual. How dare you ask?

VOL: Well, is there a gay gene?

Nicolosi: After 35 years of investigation, they still have not discovered the Gay gene. After 36 years since the APA dropped its diagnosis of Homosexuality and during that period of time, no credible child developmental model has emerged, to explain the homosexual condition without traumatizing the child. In other words, that fact remains that if you traumatize a child in a particular way you will create a homosexual condition. If you do not traumatize a child, he will be heterosexual. If you do not traumatize a child in a particular way, he will be heterosexual. The nature of that trauma is an early attachment break during the bonding phase with the father. Read more
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Donald said...

You do make me laugh.

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin

Are you trying to say the music is gay or that three marriages for Bernie were all a sham???

Please refer to previous post on authority figures re this post.

Revd John P Richardson said...

Donald, so this bit is Bernie writing about Bernie ...?

If you're made in England
You're built to last
You can still say homo
And everybody laughs ...

Although you might be right about this bit ...

But the joke's on you
You never read the song
They all think they know
But they've got all got it wrong-

Keep posting!

Revd John P Richardson said...

PS to Donald, I mean I (or you, or all of us) may have "read the song" and "got it wrong" - that seems to be what the lyrics are saying!

Donald said...

Was the PS you doing humility??

I can't stand Elton John as a musician - he peaked at Pinball Wizard, also written for him - and to my knowledge he is neither a Pinball, or a Wizard.
Made in England is the twenty-fifth studio album by British singer/songwriter Elton John, released in 1995. It was dedicated to Elton's boyfriend and future civil partner David Furnish.

By this time Taupin was living in the US and John in the UK. My point is you've suggested that the song is autobiographical, but at best it is biographical, and the dedication might mean it wasn't even that. If you have the sleeve notes please enlighten us.

IMHO Elton John is a famous singer/entertainer/Watford football club fan who happens to be gay. If your sexuality is something that defines you maybe your sites should insist on openness from all contributors before blogging or are you scared of chasing most of the clergy away??

For the record, I'm hetero, but did take the trousers off my Action Man when I was five and feel slightly cheated - should I talk to your fringe psychologist?