Thursday, 23 April 2009

Bishops' Statement suggests approach of TEC endgame

A very lengthy statement signed by a number of conservative TEC bishops has been published by the Anglican Communion Institute.

The gist of the paper seems to be that the historical basis of The Episcopal Church as a conglomeration of independent dioceses without a formal Primate or Metropolitan means that the existing Presiding Bishop has been acting consistently ultra vires - beyond her proper powers.

It is possible to read comment on this on a number of blogs, both Liberal and Conservative, such as Thinking Anglicans, Baby Blue Online, Stand Firm, and so on.

One thing that seems clear, however, is that the present atmosphere within TEC, even amongst those committed to staying, admits no quarter on the issues dividing that body. This provides further support to the suggestion on the Ugley Vicar Blog that we have reached the point of 'Game Over' as regards a covenant-based rescue plan which will restore the Anglican Communion to the point at which it was pre-Lambeth 1998.

There seems, as yet, to be little response from English 'Communion Conservatives'.


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