Friday, 27 February 2009

Immigration is top issue for both Labour and Tory voters, YouGov poll shows

A Daily Telegraph/YouGov survey shows that it is the top concern that people want an incoming Conservative government to deal with.

Fifty-two per cent said they wanted a Tory administration to reduce immigration.

This week immigration figures revealed that one in nine people living in Britain was born overseas, highlighting a significant change in population make-up under Labour.

There were 6.5 million people born abroad who were resident in the UK in June 2008. This represented a rise of 290,000 on the previous year and 1.2 million since 2004.

The issue of foreign workers sparked strike action across the country when a refinery in Lincolnshire employed Italian workers to complete a contract, instead of using UK workers. Unions accused Gordon Brown of going back on his commitment to ensure there were "British jobs for British workers."

The issue caused consternation among many Labour MPs who watched their traditional supporters protesting so strongly against the Prime Minister. Read more
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Peter Kirk said...

Interesting that despite all the campaigning in the popular press only a bare majority, 52%, want immigration to be reduced. This leaves 48% with no strong views on the matter, or perhaps agreeing with me that controls should be relaxed with a long term aim of abolishing them. I am encouraged to discover that British society is not as xenophobic and covertly racist as I feared.