Monday, 22 December 2008

We must not let the weakness of our bishops destroy this nation's soul

[...] The monarch is the living embodiment of this country’s identity. And the radical change that disestablishment would bring about in the monarchy would be reflected also in the identity of the nation.

Certainly, much of the pressure for disestablishment arises from the perception that British society is already changing. With the country now accommodating so many different faiths — and none — and with so few going regularly to church, an established national Church is presented as an anachronism.

Moreover, in our ‘equal rights’ culture it is seen as discriminating against non-Protestants. That’s why the Government is considering repealing the 1701 Act of Settlement, which was passed to prevent Catholics from ever ascending the throne.
Prince Charles has said he would want to be a king who defends 'faith', not 'the faith'

Prince Charles has said he would want to be a king who defends 'faith', not 'the faith'

But the fact is that Protestantism is a core element of this country’s identity. The break with Rome lies at the very heart of Britain’s development as a modern nation. Protestantism infuses its institutions and values.

Without it, there would not have developed the robust individualism from which flowed democracy and a liberal society. For this reason, it is simply impossible to repeal the Act of Settlement without unravelling the complex and interrelated facets of Britain’s constitution.

The Government’s desire to do so is of a piece with the ‘year-zero’ style vandalism it has already wreaked upon the constitution in its desire to create a ‘multicultural’ society. Believing that this has already happened, Prince Charles himself famously declared that when he became King he wished to be not ‘defender of the faith’ but defender of ‘faith’.

But Christianity is not just any faith. It lies at the heart of British values and Western civilisation. Breaking the link would mean Christianity would be cast adrift, along with many of this country’s values. The Church might not be destroyed, but the country’s core identity would undoubtedly suffer. Read more
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Peter Kirk said...

Before Melanie Phillips continues to incite religious hatred against Roman Catholics, she needs a reminder of who awarded our monarchs the title "Defender of the Faith": the Pope; and which was the faith in question: Roman Catholicism.