Friday, 5 December 2008

The new Bishop of Chelmsford - what happens next?

There is a very helpful article about the appointments process on Wikipedia, which seems to be basically accurate.

The process itself does seem to have become slightly more open and consultative than it used to be. There is much more of a tendency to invite suggestions, comments and names for consideration.

If anyone has any information about the Vacancy in See Committee (who is on it, when it may convene, and so on) would they post it as a comment below?

John Richardson

Almighty God, we beseech thee
to save and defend thy Servant ELIZABETH our Queen;
that under her we may be godly and quietly governed:
And grant unto her whole Council,
and to all that are put in authority under her,
that they may truly and indifferently minister justice,
to the maintenance of thy true religion, and virtue.
Give grace to all Bishops and Curates,
that they may both by their life and doctrine
set forth thy true and lively Word,
and rightly and duly administer thy holy Sacraments:
And to all thy people give thy heavenly grace;
that, with meek heart and due reverence,
they may hear, and receive thy holy Word;
truly serving thee in holiness and righteousness
all the days of their life. Amen.

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Richard Brown said...

Has he announced his retirement, or is this just wishful thinking?

Richard Brown
Westcliff on Sea

Peter Kirk said...

The Vacancy-in-See Committee is already mentioned on the Internet here, but only the Chair, Canon Dr Susan Atkin, and Secretary, Steven Webb, are named. Presumably it includes the following, offices as listed at Wikipedia:

* The Dean of the diocese's Cathedral - The Very Revd Peter S M Judd
* Two Archdeacons - two from the four listed here; note that one is also a General Synod member
* The Diocese's representative members of the General Synod of the Church of England - 13 people listed here
* Members of the diocesan House of Bishops - presumably the Area Bishops listed here, not sure about the Honorary Assistant Bishops
* The Chairman and two other members of the Diocesan House of Clergy - ??
* The Chairman and two other members of the Diocesan House of Laity - ??
* Other Members approved by the Bishop's Council - perhaps none yet approved, except for the Chair

I guess Steven Webb can provide more details.

Revd John P Richardson said...

Richard, clergy got an 'ad clerum' announcing this with their Christmas card from +John and Lydia, it is also here.

Revd John P Richardson said...

I am told that the Vacancy in See Committee also includes Mr David Morgan, from Thaxted.

Peter Kirk said...

There is no "also" about David Morgan, he is one of the General Synod members on my list. I note that Susan Atkin, the Chair, also is, so neither is she one of the "Other Members approved by the Bishop's Council".

Peter Kirk said...

By the way, the Chelmsford diocesan online directory is a wonderful, if slightly worrying, thing. With a few clicks I could find your home address and phone number, and mine. Useful, but not perhaps sensible for some people.

Peter Kirk said...

This morning I happened to meet a member of General Synod. He confirmed that he is ex officio on the Vacancy in See Committee, but he pointed out that the list of General Synod members on the diocesan website, to which I gave a link, is seriously out of date. Apparently John Dunnett resigned two years ago and someone else over a year ago, and their replacements have not been noted on the website.

Peter Kirk said...

I just had a call from the General Synod member I mentioned in the previous comment who had read the comment. Apparently I misunderstood what he told me. He told me that the list of members was inaccurate, and named two members. But apparently that was not because they were no longer General Synod members, but only because their personal details as listed were incorrect. It seems that the list still lists the same people. John Dunnett is apparently still a member despite no longer being an incumbent in the diocese. I apologise for any confusion.

D. T. Ireland said...

There are I believe currently some vacancies on the Vacancy in See Committee and I think there would be more but for a number being on wearing two hats. Ask The CEO when the election for replacements will be

D. T. Ireland said...

There are currently vacancies on the Vacancy in See Committee and I believe there would be more but for some people who are on wearing two hats. Ask our CEO when the election for the replacements will be.